Darlington County could see new industry, major investment with ‘Project Dark Star’

Darlington County could see more industry

DARLINGTON COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Darlington County Council recently approved a tax incentive agreement for an economic development project titled “Project Dark Star."

This was the second approved reading and it will need to pass the third and final reading to be fully approved.

The yet-named company behind the project is expected to create 292 jobs and invest nearly $150 million into Darlington County.

“Why is a project like this so important? The headlines get $150 million, 292 jobs," said Darlington County Economic Development Director Frank Willis.

There is still a lot of unknown about “Project Dark Star”, but if it is approved there is little doubt it’ll have a major impact on Darlington County.

Willis said the investment would support county agencies and county residents.

“It helps the schools, it helps the fire, health and safety, it helps fund the sheriff’s office, it covers a gamut of operations for the county without having to raise taxes,” said Willis.

Willis believes the reason new industry wants to come to Darlington County is the workforce.

“Our workforce, We’ve got a lot of people in this area who have skills in the areas we are looking for with this new industry," said Willis.

Situated between I-20 and I-95, the county’s location is also important to bringing industry to the area.

Willis said they previously attracted Birdsong Industries and saved the company millions in transportation costs.

“Birdsong said at that time they saved $2 million a year in transportation costs, that’s a big deal and Birdsong was a $40 million cap investment not $150 million," said Willis.

Darlington County Council is set to meet again on Nov. 2.

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