Florence leader explains Penny Sales Tax is essential to pay for road, infrastructure improvements

Florence County voters to decide on penny sales tax renewal

FLORENCE, S.C. (WMBF) - When Florence County voters will head to the polls in November, they’ll vote on more than just who will represent them.

Voters will also decide on a re-implementation of a Penny Sales Tax.

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Each municipality in Florence County submitted a list of projects the funds would support.

With each municipality getting a share of the funds, Florence City Councilman George Jebaily believes this tax is important for continuing projects throughout the city.

Jebaily wants voters to understand this tax isn’t new.

“It is an extension of something which has been around for 14 years," said Jebaily.

If the tax passes, the city of Florence is set to receive $40 million and those funds will support road and infrastructure improvement.

“The city doesn’t have dedicated funds for road improvement, and we own a lot of roads but we have no source of revenue to do the repaving, resurfacing, and stormwater work," said Jebaily.

Without designated funds, Jebaily said the Penny Sales Tax is essential to pay for these projects.

“People say, ‘Well if we don’t get the money from here, then we can get it from..,’" said Jebaily. “My answer is, ‘From where? Where else is the money going to come from?’ And there is no, or else. We either continue to do the work that needs to get done and use these funds to do it, or we don’t do it,” said Jebaily.

Jebaily said the road improvements are also important to bringing industry to the area.

“If we want to be attractive to industry, if we want to recruit businesses and make ourselves competitive on a statewide regional basis, we have to have the infrastructure in place and it’s expensive," said Jebaily.

Jebaily encourages voters to read and research the Penny Sales Tax referendum prior to heading to the polls.

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