Leading Ladies of the Grand Strand: Angela Williford, VP of quality at Conway Medical Center

Leading Ladies of the Grand Strand - Angela Williford

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Angela Williford is a 'Leading Lady of the Grand Strand’ as the only female on a team of seven Conway Medical Center executive team members.

Williford said she is an attorney by training and profession, and manages the hospital’s legal work and manages outside counsel for various projects.

“My primary role is oversight over quality functions, infection control, pharmacy reporting and significant patient safety," Williford said.

She began her career in 1995 at CMC and worked her way up. Williford understands she is dealing with unprecedented things right now in the healthcare field.

“As an executive for a hospital, we need to set an example and wear masks," she said. "Masks are really important to help us get out of this mess we are in dealing with this pandemic.”

The infection control reports to Williford and she receives daily numbers, along with the rest of her executive team on how CMC is doing and how the community is doing in terms of the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and their efforts to control it.

“I feel extremely proud of the measures we have taken as a hospital to keep our community safe and our employees. We’ve had very few employees get sick or very few get sick on the job," stated Williford.

When asked how she stays strong every day, she said doesn’t feel alone.

“I stay with our mission to improve the health of our communities and that’s what drives us." Williford said. "I have fantastic people to work with. I work with compassionate and passionate men who are devoted to our hospital and community. It’s extremely important to have female leadership.”

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