Horry County school leader says information about a ‘special board meeting’ is inaccurate

Horry County school leader says information spreading about a ‘special board meeting’ is inaccurate

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Horry County Schools wants to set the record straight about misinformation being spread about a “supposed board meeting.”

Horry County Schools Chairman Ken Richardson said he’s been contacted by a number of parents, questioning if the board will switch the hybrid learning program and put students back inside the classrooms five days a week.

The parents heard the discussions would be taking place in a special meeting Thursday night, but Richardson is on the record, saying that information is 100% not true.

In an effort to clear up the meeting confusion, Richardson published a Facebook post on Wednesday afternoon, addressed to teachers and parents of Horry County Schools. The post includes a picture attached that says “false alarm.”

A message to all teachers and parents of Horry County schools. I have been contacted by several people concerning a...

Posted by Ken Richardson on Wednesday, September 30, 2020

“This is simply a rumor and is not true,” Richardson wrote. “I felt like I needed to get on Facebook and clear that up because there is no special meeting scheduled. I set the agenda and the meetings. And normally if we did call a special meeting, we [would have been required] to notify the press [beforehand].”

Richardson says the confusion for some residents about the meeting possibly stemmed from an announcement regarding DHEC’s Disease Activity Report made on Monday. The state health agency said it will now release that report on Thursdays, instead of Mondays.

That report outlines how soon the district can start face to face learning, based on the virus spread level. Richardson said the change may have also contributed to the rumor mill.

"That’s where I think some people got confused, that we were going to try and call a meeting and put the children back in school,” he said.

Richardson says he relates to parents who wanted the five-days of face-to-face instruction rumor to be true.

“I would like to take my school board chairman hat off and put on my grandfather hat," Richardson said. "I have two grandsons in the Horry County schools. I’m just like everyone else, I’m concerned about what’s going on with them and their education. But when I put my chairman hat back on, now I’ve got 45,000 kids I have to be concerned with. I’m not going to lie, I want the kids back in school. My only thing is I want to do it the safest way I can.”

DHEC’s latest report was released on Sept. 24, reflecting a medium spread for the county, which means HCS hybrid learning will continue through Oct. 9. HCS said the newest report, which will be released Thursday, will determine the model for students during the week of Oct. 12.

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