North Myrtle Beach residents express concerns over plans for homes to replace Possum Trot Golf Course

North Myrtle Beach residents express concerns over plans for homes to replace Possum Trot

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) - The North Myrtle Beach City Council held a workshop Wednesday afternoon to discuss plans for hundreds of new homes to take the place of the Possum Trot Golf Course.

City council members seemed pleased with the updated plans, which include lower density for the development and 497 lots total.

Despite the fact that council members seemed pleased, some residents made it clear they were not happy.

“I can tell you, council, you’re fixin' to make a major decision that’s going to have a long lasting impact on the local residents of North Myrtle Beach,” resident Thomas Hucks said.

Hucks is on the homeowners associate board at a neighborhood near the golf course. He recommended council table their discussion even further because he said many people did not come to Wednesday’s meeting due to the coronavirus.

“I’m encouraging you all as council to consider not making a final decision until the time period this COVID virus is over so that the folks that live here can come out and have a chance to express themselves and tell you what they want,” Hucks said.

However, council members didn’t seem keen on taking that recommendation. City manager Mike Mahaney said during the meeting he believes the updated plans are also nice.

“I’m going to tell you, in the city manager’s opinion, this is the highest and best use for that golf course,” Mahaney said.

However, other residents like Steve Hicks were still concerned.

“When they start this construction, you’re going to have all these super big trucks coming down this road,” Hicks said. “How long do we think it’s going to last? The folks are not going to be able to walk their dogs, ride their bicycles or anything.”

The developer said at the meeting it’s difficult to predict, but he suspects the first home would go up for sale about 12 months after groundbreaking, whenever that would be.

He said the whole development could take between seven and 12 years to finish. He added the price of the homes is difficult to forecast, but he estimated they’d go for between $300,000 and $600,000.

The community would be a Del Webb community, similar to the ones in Myrtle Beach.

No decision was made Wednesday since it was just a workshop. The plans will go before city council at their next regularly scheduled meeting. They’ll have to pass two readings to get final approval.

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