New shopping development could soon be coming to Myrtle Beach

Proposed Myrtle Beach Shopping Development

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) - A proposed development could bring more shopping opportunities along the South Strand.

The plan for Coventry Marketplace is working its way through the paperwork phase.

If approved, the plan is for a nearly 47,000 square-foot grocery store, which would also include several retail shopping options.

Coventry Marketplace would be located at the intersection of Coventry Boulevard and Highway 17, across from South Strand Medical Center.

Artist renderings show the grocery store lining up to Prescott Circle, with two shops on the backside of the property along Highway 17.

The city’s Community Appearance Board didn’t have any issues with the color scheme or the façade, but several had concerns with the layout.

Under the current layout, the retail stores would have their service entrance backsides facing Highway 17, with the grocery store on the east side of the property facing Highway 17.

Several board members had concerns about what the location would look like when driving down Highway 17.

“I think this is taking the easiest big-box grocery store layout approach that you can and slapping it on the square on the site without any other thought to anything other than once you’re inside of that parking lot," board member Seth McCoy said.

Residential growth in the area is also a concern for the board.

Traffic would enter off Coventry Boulevard, which connects back into The Market Common. That traffic connects to a traffic circle, which one board member mentioned may slow down access to the nearby neighborhoods.

The Community Appearance Board gave the plan a conceptual review during a virtual meeting last week.

The architects now have the chance to redesign and resubmit the plan for another review, so there is no timeline on this project just yet.

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