Horry County party leaders weigh in on replacement process for Ginsburg

Horry County party leaders weigh in on replacement process for Ginsburg

HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) - The Horry County GOP and Democratic Party chairs are weighing in on the replacement process for the Supreme Court seat formerly held by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Both party leaders are saddened by the loss, but they also see things differently when it comes to how the filling of the seat should proceed.

“I think we should be consistent," Horry County Democratic Party Chair Don Kohn said. "Mitch McConnell had the vote on the justice at the end of the Obama administration and said that a president shouldn’t sign within a year, and if we’re going to be consistent, then we shouldn’t appoint a new justice right now until the new president is elected.”

Horry County GOP Chair Dreama Perdue has the opposite view.

“It’s up to him [Donald Trump] to nominate the person," Perdue said. "It’s up to him. No one else. It’s his duty to nominate whoever he would like to be sent up. I think it’s imperative if we can get it done that it be pushed through.”

Both party chairs agree whoever fills the seat will likely have a major impact on the court going forward.

“Right now, there’s probably, it was a 5-4 conservative tilt to the court," Kohn said. "This would move it one way or the other by another seat.”

“It is very, very important to the conservatives, and it’s probably equally as important to the Democrats, because they know that a lot of the things they take before the Supreme Court, they could get through," Perdue said.

President Donald Trump announced Monday that he would make his nomination on Friday or Saturday.

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