SCDOT project looks to improve Highway 17 Business intersections along South Strand

Changes possibly coming to Highway 17 Business intersections

HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) – A major project could help change the flow of traffic along the South Strand.

The South Carolina Department of Transportation has proposed re-aligning three different intersections on Highway 17 Business in the Murrells Inlet and Garden City areas.

For example, there are two rows of traffic lights to get through the intersection of Inlet Square Drive and Kings Highway near the Inlet Square Mall because Inlet Square Drive and Mt. Gilead Road don’t line up.

The SCDOT project would re-align Tadlock Drive and 17 Connector, Inlet Square Drive and Mt. Gilead Road and Atlantic Avenue and Jamestown Drive.

“All three of these intersections, and now I guess all four, are all geometrically skewed," said SCDOT Project Manager Stacey Johnson.

The proposed project would also add additional turn lanes and a concrete median at the Garden City Connector and Pine Avenue, near the Walmart.

Businesses near each of these intersections may see some changes to their access points.

“We’ll be adding some concrete medians near the intersections, so there will be some access management done under this project, so there will be some impact," said Johnson.

A manager at El Cerro, which sits at the Inlet Square Drive intersection where the Rum Gulley Road extension would go, said they will likely have to move because of the project despite being in the location for only about two years.

If the project is approved then each intersection will get sidewalks and crosswalks for people walking along the highway.

“The primary purpose will be safety. Congestion is another primary purpose, to improve flow along US 17, and then just overall improve functionality for those intersections,” said Johnson.

The public comment period for the project started Thursday and will run through Sept. 24.

If the project is approved, the SCDOT plans to start construction on the project in Spring 2023.

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