First day of hybrid learning receives mixed emotions from HCS parents

Horry County parents discuss first day back to school

CONWAY, S.C. (WMBF) - Horry County Schools will remain under the hybrid learning model through at least September 18.

The district made the announcement Wednesday as students in Group B entered the classroom for the first time this school year and Group A students moved to distance learning.

Some parents said the first day of school went smoothly, but that’s not to say there weren’t any mishaps or changes some want to see moving forward.

David Warner’s children, Isiash and Zakkary, go to Carolina Forest Elementary. Their first day of face-to-face learning was Tuesday.

“Isaiah had a really, really good day,” Warner said. “He was really satisfied with everything and how it went. He was excited to see his friends.”

However, Warner said Zakkary’s first day wasn’t as smooth.

He said Zakkary, who’s autistic, ended up with different teachers than he was initially assigned and he knew nothing about it.

“Not even a phone call, nothing. We basically had to find through papers in his backpack,” he said.

Warner said when it comes to children who are autistic, consistency is key. They also won’t communicate when something’s changed.

“One of the biggest things with special education is communication with parents,” Warner said. “It kind of feels like sometimes special education is an afterthought.”

Meanwhile, Amanda Davis' five children all headed back to the classroom for the first day Wednesday morning.

She said she had trouble finding information for the bus schedules at first.

“They were ready for their day so we were just trying to keep everyone on focus and on time so they wouldn’t miss their bus,” Lewis said.

Lewis said she’s more worried about the distance learning come Friday.

She said the school’s tablet for her second-grader won’t be ready in time so she’ll have to do paper packets.

“It’s hard to keep on schedule and maintain a schedule for five children in one home, but we’re going to make the best of it,” Lewis said.

As for Warner, he hopes for better communication so every student can have a successful school year.

“There was definitely a breakdown of communication and that definitely needs to be addressed and moving forward that needs to be addressed,” Warner said.

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