‘They’re doing great’: HCS board chair visits several schools during unique 1st day of class

‘They’re doing great’: HCS board chair visits several schools during unique 1st day of class

HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) - Horry County Schools Board of Education Chairman Ken Richardson had a busy day on Tuesday.

He visited several schools to see how things went for the first day of a very uncertain school year.

Overall, he said he’s pleased with what he saw.

“I’ve just been amazed at how great everything’s been,” Richardson said.

He got an early start to his day.

“I got up this morning about 6 o’clock, and I was at my first school at about 6:45,” he said. “It worked out great. I was in the carpool line, helping the kids get out of the cars, making sure they were going in schools right and properly.”

Richardson said school visits will take up a large portion of his time over the next two weeks.

“We’ve got 57 schools in the district, and my plan is to visit all of them by next Friday,” Richardson said.

Richardson said his school visits will make sure he gets a firsthand look at how things are going, and based on his visits Tuesday, he said he’s happy with what he saw.

“I was a little concerned about number one, how are the kids going to do wearing the masks?” he said. “They’re doing great. How are they going to do eating in class? I sat through lunch with one of the classes. The cafeteria staff is bringing the lunches to the classroom for them, and they’re just doing great.”

Even though Richardson believes the hybrid model worked well on Tuesday, he would like to see every student back in the classroom sooner rather than later.

“I don’t want to be overly optimistic, but I’m hoping that by the first of October that we’re back to school. Five days face-to-face. I don’t want anybody to hold me to that, because right now, I have to live by whatever the CDC and DHEC says, but I’m hoping that that’s our numbers by the first of October.”

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