Horry County parents, students receive class schedules for face-to-face learning

Horry County parents receive class schedules for face-to-face learning

HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) – Horry County students enrolled in the hybrid learning program now know which days they will be in a classroom.

The school district posted class schedules to PowerSchool, the online access page where parents can access their child’s grades and attendance. The portal now details students’ schedules for the brick-and-mortar ’traditional learning program,’ and their assigned group letter for the semester.

The district split all students up into Group A, Group B or Group G categories, alternating the days for classroom instruction. This method enables schools to enforce the social distancing guidelines throughout the facilities, without an overflow of students on the property.

The Hybrid Learning Program also includes two days of face-to-face instruction and three days of distance learning. For parents with multiple students at home, the schedule confirms if their children will be learning from home on the same day.

Horry County parent David Warner has two sons, Isaiah and Zakkary, who are both enrolled in the Hybrid Learning Program.

Warner said he received class schedules for both of his kids on Wednesday, including their assigned groups.

His son Isaiah, who is in second grade, will be in Group A. He will report to school on Mondays and Tuesdays. Zakkary, who is the fourth grade, has been assigned to Group G, which reports to school on the same days as Group A.

Warner said Zakkary’s schedule will look a bit different from his brother’s because he’ll be receiving additional face-to-face instruction in a special needs classroom.

“Since he’s in special education, our team agreed that he would be able to do four full days [of face-to-face instruction],’ Warner said. “So he’s actually Monday through Thursday, then he’s home on Friday. They’re doing that to make sure he has a more consistent learning environment.”

Because Isaiah will be on the school grounds two days a week, and Zakkary in the classrooms four days a week, Warner has a plan in motion, to balance both kids’ school life and his work responsibilities.

“We’re bringing Isaiah to work and Zakkary will go to school four days a week,” Warner said. “It’s hard, I think for a lot of parents. You have to figure out how to go to work and make sure your child is educated. I think the only fear parents have right now is the unknown. We just don’t know what’s going to happen next.”

Brandi Roberts has a daughter in Horry County Schools. She’s been assigned to group B. Her first day of class will take place virtually next Tuesday. She’ll return to the classroom on Wednesday and Thursday for face-to-face instruction.

Roberts said the schedule will prepare her daughter and other students for a new way of schooling during a pandemic.

“I know it’s going to be kind of different for them,” Roberts said. “I can plan now. I know exactly what will happen and we can plan accordingly during the week, [balancing] our work schedules for when she needs to be at school.”

The school district made the decision to start the ’traditional learning program’ with hybrid learning, after reviewing DHEC’s Disease Activity Report that was released on Aug. 31. The report determined Horry County was a medium spread level threat for the virus, which allows for face-to-face learning on the school grounds starting Sept. 8.

With the hybrid model, students in groups A and G will begin face-to-face learning on Tuesday, Sept. 8, while students in group B will be back in the classroom on Wednesday, Sept. 9.

Students in Group G are those identified as needing additional instructional support.

Parents can learn more about what a typical school day will look like for virtual students in the video below.

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