‘Do the best you can’: HCS parents weigh in on juggling hybrid learning schedule

‘Do the best you can’: Parents weigh in on juggling hybrid learning schedule

CONWAY, S.C. (WMBF) - With a hybrid learning model now set for Horry County Schools students, WMBF News spoke with parents on how they plan to juggle the schedule.

Under the hybrid model, students will go to school in person twice a week and do distance learning three times a week.

“I think the district has done a great job communicating what it’s going to entail,” parent Darla Gore said.

Gore’s daughter goes to Aynor Elementary School. She said because both she and her husband work part-time, they’ll be able to stay home with her during distance learning days.

However, she knows that’s not the case for everyone.

She said this is a tough situation for everyone involved: the parents, students and the school district.

“I don’t think anyone is intentionally trying to make things difficult for the parents,” Gore said “We know there’s a lot of unknowns and sometimes you just got to roll with the flow and say it is what it is and do the best you can.”

But, there is help available.

The YMCA in Myrtle Beach will provide 80 hybrid students and 10 virtual students with learning services through their Y Learning Academy program for parents who can’t stay home with their kids.

“I think the number one concern I hear from parents is that they are scared that their kids aren’t going to get the learning experience that they need,” Whitney Gilbert, the Youth Development Director with YMCA, said.

Gilbert said she knows the hardships families are dealing with.

“They’re trying to figure how to keep their jobs with having to accommodate taking three days off of work to keep their kids home and help them with school,” she said.

She said the program wouldn’t be possible without churches like First Presbyterian Church, which will house the students and other organizations pitching in to help.

“It’s been really an honor to support people and we’ve had the honor of the community come and support us as well,” Gilbert said.

For more information on registration for the Y Learning Academy, click here.

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