Horry County Democratic Party urging voters to contact state lawmakers to ensure safe, fair election

Horry County Democratic Party urging voters to contact state lawmakers to ensure safe, fair election

HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) - The Horry County Democratic Party is asking voters to reach out to their state lawmakers to tell them what they want to see change for this upcoming election in light of COVID-19.

“This is the most consequential election of our lifetime. I think that every voter should be able to agree to that,” Horry County Democratic Party Chair Don Kohn said.

Kohn wants to make sure every vote counts this November. That’s why the party sent out an email to voters Wednesday morning, asking them to contact their state lawmakers to make requests for the upcoming election.

The first is to make sure COVID-19 is a reason for people to vote absentee. The second is to have the certification of the votes extended from Nov. 6 to an additional week.

“Based on the anticipation of all the mail-in ballots, we believe there’s going to be a lot more ballots to be counted,” Kohn said. “That way, it’s going to take longer, and the county office is going to need more time.”

The third is to add more secure drop boxes around the county, for example, at libraries. The fourth is to authorize satellite election offices.

The party’s fifth request is to count absentee ballots as soon as they’re received. The sixth is to mail absentee ballots earlier than Oct. 2.

“We don’t see a reason why that shouldn’t be moved to an earlier date,” Kohn said. “That should help with the problems we’re having with mail right now.”

The seventh and final request is to remove the witness signature requirement from the absentee ballot envelope.

Horry County GOP Chair Dreama Perdue said she doesn’t see much wrong with the requests. She just doesn’t think some of them need to be made.

“You can ask any of this,” Perdue said. “I agree with asking it. It’s just a matter that it is pointless to ask some of these things because they are being done and will be done. And I really honestly believe our election results will be fair, and everybody’s vote will be counted.”

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