McMaster visits Johnsonville Middle School, discusses distribution of PPE ahead of reopening

McMaster visits Johnsonville Middle School, discusses distribution of PPE ahead of reopening

JOHNSONVILLE, S.C. (WMBF) – Gov. Henry McMaster was at Johnsonville Middle School Friday morning to discuss the purchase and distribution of personal protective equipment (PPE) for South Carolina schools.

The governor’s office announced this week $10 million worth of PPE and supplies will be coming to 70 school districts.

Representatives from all five Florence County school districts were in attendance to hear what McMaster had to say about getting students and teachers back to the classroom safely.

McMaster said over $650 thousand worth of PPE is going to Florence County schools.

McMaster said face-to-face learning is the best way to educate students, and with the proper PPE, he feels the state of South Carolina can be successful in bringing students back into classrooms.

“If we have all those facts and have the resources we need to use, which some of you are wearing with the face masks and the shields, the gloves and all those I feel confident we can get through this as well or better than any other place in the country,” said McMaster.

McMaster said school districts didn’t need to worry about running out of PPE.

“Let us know and we’ll have some more, we’re not going to run out of PPE for teachers, administrators and students,” said McMaster.

South Carolina House District 61 Rep. Roger Kirby, state Sen. Ronnie Sabb and Florence School District 5 Superintendent Dr. Randy Smiley also spoke during the news conference.

Smiley said the entire FSD5 administration is working to make their schools as safe as possible.

“We’re doing everything we can to make this place as safe as we can and to make this place as productive as we can,” said Smiley.

Kirby thanked the superintendents for their hard work preparing for the upcoming school year and said by working together he’s confident they’ll get through this difficult time.

“We’re going to be successful, nobody in this room doesn’t want to see our children get a good education, that’s why you’re here, that’s why I’m here, and certainly that’s the reason the Governor and Senator Sabb are here,” said Kirby.

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