Horry County GOP, Democratic parties gear up for big changes at upcoming party conventions

Horry County GOP, Democratic parties gear up for big changes at upcoming party conventions

HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) - The Republican and Democratic National Conventions this year will look a lot different due to the coronavirus this year.

While that is affecting some of those in the Horry County Republican and Democratic parties, members of both parties feel optimistic about the rest of the year.

Dreama Perdue and some others from the Horry County GOP planned on attending the Republican National Convention this year in Charlotte.

But then it was moved to Jacksonville, Florida and then back to Charlotte, where it will be a scaled down convention and mostly virtual. Therefore, Perdue and others won’t be able to attend this year.

“We were disappointed twice,” Perdue said. “We wanted Charlotte. We were anxious to go to Charlotte, and then we were really anxious to go to Jacksonville.”

With both conventions being mostly virtual, both parties agree it will lead to less buzz in the building.

“The difference will be the background excitement that’ll be missing,” Don Kohn, chair of the Horry County Democratic Party, said.

“We’re losing all that electricity that happens when you have all the delegates from around the country there,” Perdue said.

A lack of people attending in person isn’t dimming the excitement levels across the county for November’s election, though.

In fact, Kohn said he believes the buzz is higher than normal.

“From what we’re seeing, it looks like people are energized a lot earlier than they typically are in a presidential campaign,” Kohn said. “But certainly this is the kickoff of the season.”

Perdue said the fact that she won’t be at this year’s convention won’t stand in the way of her enjoyment of the event.

“You’re watching it on TV as opposed to actually being there, and we had planned on being there, so it’ll be quite different,” she said. “We can sit home or we can have little parties or what have you and watch it like that, which we haven’t talked about yet, but we may do something like that.”

The Democratic convention starts Monday and goes through Thursday.

The Republican convention goes from August 24th through the 27th.

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