Local charter school creates special car for final race at Myrtle Beach Speedway

Local charter school creates special car for final race at Myrtle Beach Speedway

CONWAY, S.C. (WMBF) - This weekend will mark the end of an era with Myrtle Beach Speedway closing its doors.

“I’m disappointed. But you know, good things don’t always last,” said PALM Charter School principal Avery Moore.

Avery Moore and his students at PALM Charter High School in Conway are making sure the folks at the track get the appreciation they deserve for all they’ve done for them.

“This car here is a new graphic design,” said Moore. “We’ve got the ‘Thank You Myrtle Beach’ logo on here really as a dedication to the race on Saturday to show everybody what they’ve done for us but also the community.”

Moore said the experience his students have gotten thanks to Speedway owner Bob Lutz has been second to none.

“It’s really an out of body experience,” Moore admitted. “Yesterday I took the 30 here behind me over to the speedway for about two to three hours to practice and get some laps in it. I had one of the kids crew my car and he’s never driven a car. So, I put him in it and let him take it around the track for 10 to 15 laps. Well, he had a smile for 24 hours after that.”

And despite Myrtle Beach Speedway's closing, Moore and the students at PALM Charter will have the chance to work on their craft elsewhere in the area.

“Luckily the general manager and two other people associated with the track in Myrtle Beach have invested in a speedway in Florence,” Moore added. “So, they’ve gone into Florence and have put some money and investment into Florence to make that into a much nicer track. So as long as I’m able to get into the car and we have a sponsor that helps us do this, I think we’ll find a track wherever to be able to go and do it.”

Racing events on Saturday will get started at 6 P.M.

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