CCU continues fall camp as Sun Belt intends on playing fall football

CCU continues fall camp as Sun Belt intends on playing fall football

CONWAY, S.C. (WMBF) - As more and more unfolds in the world of college athletics, the Coastal Carolina football team is fortunate to have a bit of normalcy as it continues fall camp.

So far at the FBS level, the Big Ten, PAC 12, Mid-American, and Mountain West conferences decided they will not play football this fall. However, reports say the Sun Belt Conference intends on moving forward and following the lead of the Southeastern Conference by taking the field for games this fall. CCU senior running back CJ Marable and head coach Jamey Chadwell say receiving that news provided a sigh of relief.

“When I saw that I was excited,” Marable admitted. “I feel like as a team and an individual we need this season and I need this season so seeing that I was excited.”

“It gives you reassurance. We all know that could change tomorrow, we understand that and understand the situation,” said Chadwell. “After what felt like the onslaught of the weekend, nobody is playing, nobody is playing and everybody is just hanging their heads and then you hear hey we’re going to try to play, it was a good pick me up.”

Chadwell applauds Chants for speaking out in effort to save season

Thursday morning the Chants wrapped up day five and things are starting to pick up a bit as the team donned shoulder pads and helmets for the third consecutive practice. Chadwell admits the recent weeks have been a roller coaster for his program but he applauds his players for staying the course and speaking out.

“It is hard because this is the most unique fall camp ever,” added Chadwell. “Now you hear these rumors and those guys you’re asking them to practice and give all they can and in the back of their mind they’re thinking ‘Hey are we still even playing?” It’s been challenging but I try to talk to them about understanding why people make decisions and what they’re trying to do and why they’re trying to do that. But, they’re still young kids they get frustrated and as coaches we get frustrated. Normally you know who your opponents are but I have no clue who we’re playing or when we’re playing and where. That’s been a challenging piece because of that unknown. This is when, as a coach, these guys need leaders and they need people to try to see the why behind it but it’s also awesome to see them want to stand up and speak and voice their opinion which has been awesome for those guys to see and I was proud of the way they’ve handled that.”

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