‘Every storm is different’: Horry County emergency leader explains why no evacuations ahead of Isaias

Horry County emergency leader explains why no evacuations ahead of Isaias

HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) – Horry County’s emergency management director explained why there were no evacuations ordered ahead of Hurricane Isaias last Monday.

County leaders discussed the handling of Isaias during a public safety meeting on Monday.

Emergency Management Director Randy Webster said evacuations were not ordered because the storm developed into a category one hurricane too late.

“This was a very unique storm as they all are,” Webster said. “By the time decisions had to be made on the state level, local level regarding evacuations the information at the time showed it was not going to be a hurricane as it approached toward South Carolina and stayed off the coast.”

He also stressed that just because an evacuation wasn’t issued for Isaias, that will have no effect on the next storm that passes through the Grand Strand.

“Every storm is different. So please, don’t expect not to have evacuations on the next storm. Every storm is handled totally differently. I just want people to understand that we’re not going down some trend getting away from evacuations. It’s very dependent upon the storm itself,” Webster explained.

Hurricane Isaias passed through the Grand Strand, bringing heavy flooding to the North Myrtle Beach area and a tornado in Garden City. It made landfall in Ocean Isle, North Carolina.

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