Pee Dee bank adapts to COVID-19, provides customers with a new way to serve customers

Pee Dee bank adapts to COVID-19, provides customers with a new way to serve customers

FLORENCE, S.C. (WMBF) - The Citizens Bank is taking the bank to the parking lot with its new call-ahead curbside banking option.

“We talked every week about what we can do to get through this so it’s convenient and simple for our customers, and from that this idea came up,” said Citizens Bank President Tommy Bouchette.

Bouchette said a community bank is like any other small business, and they’ve had to figure out ways to adapt to best serve their customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to COVID-19, Bouchette said not everyone is comfortable coming inside to complete their transactions, so they wanted to provide another option for customers where they wouldn’t have to exit their vehicle.

“All you have to do is let us know when you’re coming by and I’ll have your documents ready, call us when you hit the parking lot and park where the sign is, and we’ll come out and bring the documents to you and you never have to get out of your car,” said Bouchette.

Safety is a big reason why Bouchette said they created the new banking option.

“We anticipate that not everyone will want to do this, but it’s not intended for everyone to use it. We aren’t trying to drive our customers to use any of our different options. We’re just trying to provide one more option and whatever makes them feel the safest and is most convenient, that’s what we’ll provide for them,” Bouchette said.

Call-ahead curbside banking is available at every Citizens Bank branch. Customer Druanne Freeman made a transaction through curbside banking at Florence’s West Palmetto Street branch.

Freeman said it makes banking even easier for her as a Citizens Bank customer.

“I said curbside that’s just the way to be right now and I think it’s a great added development for the changes we’re all making,” said Freeman.

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