FSD1 teacher gives a classroom tour showing precautions for upcoming school year

FSD1 teacher gives inside look at COVID-19 precautions in place ahead of school year

FLORENCE, S.C. (WMBF) - A Florence School District One teacher gave an inside look at what her classroom will look like during the coronavirus pandemic.

The school district released a video showing North Vista Elementary teacher Felisa Cannon giving a virtual tour of her newly modified classroom.

Cannon welcomed WMBF News inside her classroom to explain some of the precautions and procedures she’s implemented.

As soon as students walk into Cannon’s classroom on Sep. 8, they’ll be greeted by her and asked to clean their hands at a sanitization station at the classroom’s entrance.

From there the students will place their things in cubbies and take a seat at their desks.

Due to FSD1 having a hybrid learning option, each desk and cubby are marked with an A or B, so students who attend class on an A day won’t be sharing spaces with the B students.

Cannon is also providing students with their individual supplies.

“A-day students will have their own supplies, and B-day students will have their own supplies. The desks will be split apart to ensure there’s no cross-contamination and makes sure students aren’t transferring or sharing any materials,” said Cannon.

Cannon said the North Vista administration and FSD1 gave teachers a vision of what they wanted to see and she began preparing her classroom.

She said she taught summer school, which helped prepare her room for the fall.

“It gave me a relief and I knew I was going to be able to handle it, so, therefore, I transferred everything I did in summer school to my classroom for the regular school year and it made everything much easier,” said Cannon.

Cannon said it’s important to her to be able to show parents what she’s doing in her classroom to keep her students safe.

“The visual aspect, they’re able to come in a classroom and see if my child comes on A day they won’t be at a B desk, they won’t be sharing supplies, it gives them a relief to know their child is going to be safe,” said Cannon.

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