Governor Cooper activates National Guard as Isaias approaches

Governor Cooper activates National Guard as Isaias approaches
Governor Roy Cooper has declared a state of emergency as North Carolina prepares for possible impacts of Hurricane Isaias. (Source: WBTV)

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Whether Isaias is a tropical storm or a hurricane, Governor Roy Cooper is encouraging residents to take the threat seriously and has approved the activation of the National Guard.

“We all need to be prepared for the dangers that Isaias could bring,” Cooper said. “As we learned with Hurricane Florence, even a category one storm can bring severe impacts, and we should not take this lightly.”

According to the National Weather Service the storm is expected to impact the state late Monday, but rip current risks are already affecting the coast.

“While the path of the storm’s center remains uncertain, state and local officials are preparing for impacts in Eastern North Carolina with sustained winds of 70 mph on Monday, particularly affecting communities along Interstate 95 and eastward,” according to a press release.

The Governor also authorized the activation of up to 150 members of the National Guard if needed for storm response.

“The National Guard, Emergency Management and State Highway Patrol are ready to respond where needed,” said state Public Safety Secretary Erik A. Hooks. “We are also coordinating with our partners at the Department of Transportation who are positioning for storm response.”

Residents are urged to be prepared and create an emergency kit before the storm hits.

“Instructions on what to include in a family emergency kit are available at This year be sure to add additional items like face coverings, hand sanitizer and cleaning products to stay healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic,” according to the release.

“On Friday, Governor Roy Cooper declared a state of emergency, which helps state and local officials take extra precautions to protect the public. In a letter on Friday, Governor Cooper also requested that President Trump declare an emergency for the State of North Carolina under the Stafford Act, which would allow for direct federal assistance for emergency preparations,” the release continues.

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