‘We’re all trying to adapt’: Florence-based amusement company brings fair food back, without the fair

‘We’re all trying to adapt’: Florence-based amusement company brings fair food back, without the fair

FLORENCE COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) - With the smell of food in the air you might think a fair was taking place at the Eastern Carolina Agricultural Fairgrounds in Florence County, but there are no amusement rides to be found.

There isn’t a fair, but there is fair food.

Florence-based Amusements of America has operated since 1939 and Operations Manager Greg Inman said they never could have imagined that COVID-19 would have this kind of effect on their industry.

Inman said that usually this time of year he’d be working a string of county fairs in upstate New York, but the virus had other plans.

After months of waiting, Inman said they finally decided they needed to do something to make ends meet.

They decided to partner with the Eastern Carolina Agricultural Fair and take their food trucks out of storage.

“We’re all trying to adapt. We had all this stuff and we had permission to use the fairgrounds and we decided we can’t go full steam ahead with a fair so we put on a food court,” said Inman.

All the fair favorites are available at the trucks, including funnel cake, turkey legs and cotton candy among other things.

“We felt it was our duty to be able to help out the people and the town and give them something to get their minds off of what is going on,” said Inman.

Inman said they’ve put the proper safety precautions in place to protect their customers and employees.

“We have hand sanitizer set up throughout the event, we have sneeze guards on all of our windows, we have lines marked six feet apart for the people in line and we decided to have it to-go only so we didn’t put out tables so we could limit people from congregating.”

Inman said they’ll keep their food trucks in Florence County for this weekend and next weekend before taking their business model on the road to Sumter and Charleston.

The trucks will be open this weekend from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and will reopen next Thursday on the same schedule.

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