McMaster: No plans to issue evacuation order ahead of Hurricane Isaias at this time

McMaster: No plans to issue evacuation order ahead of Hurricane Isaias at this time

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WMBF) – South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster said Friday he has no intention of issuing an emergency evacuation order at this time ahead of possible impacts from Hurricane Isaias early next week.

“It looks like it will not be necessary. We certainly hope not,” McMaster said during Friday’s briefing.

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The governor added a state of emergency would also not be issued at this time.

“We’re hoping this storm will not hit us hard, if it hits us at all,” McMaster said.

The word used a lot was “unknown” — in relation to the storms direct path and strength.

This is the first time the state has ever had to deal with a hurricane on top of a pandemic. However the state’s emergency management team feels confident in their plan.

“We’ve been planning for these types of things all along and well have to be careful,” said McMaster.

There’s a lot of question regarding social distancing, especially if hurricane shelters are needed.

Normal capacity at shelters is expected to be cut in half and if you do need to go to a shelter, the state’s emergency management team said supplies like masks, hand sanitizer and personal protective equipment will be available.

“That includes providing transportation and sheltering, screening, PPE, isolation areas in the shelters and adjusting feeding arrangements,” said Kim Stenson, Director of S.C. Emergency Management.

Isaias’ track has it possibly passing near or offshore of the Carolina coast at some point on Monday.

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