Sen. Graham does not support delaying Nov. 3 election

Sen. Graham does not support delaying Nov. 3 election
President Donald Trump, accompanied by U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham and U.S. Sen. Tim Scott, step off of Air Force One to a cheering crowd at Joint Base Charleston. (Source: Live 5)

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WMBF/AP) – Sen. Lindsey Graham said he does not support delaying the Nov. 3 election.

That was the South Carolina senator’s response to a tweet from President Donald Trump, in which he publicly floated the idea of pushing November’s presidential election.

“While I share the president’s concern about fraud in elections that use mail ballots as the primary source of voting, I do not support delaying the November election,” Graham tweeted Thursday afternoon.

Trump suggested delaying the election as he pushed unsubstantiated allegations that increased mail-in voting due to the coronavirus pandemic will result in fraud, according to the Associated Press.

Graham posted on Twitter that last month’s S.C. Republican Primary saw over 460,000 Republicans head out to vote

“I am confident states will continue preparing and be ready to handle the November election,” Graham tweeted.

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