Horry County Schools summer food program extended

HCS Draft Lunch Plans

HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) - Summer meals from Horry County Schools are now available until Aug. 18 due to an extension.

Once the summer meal program extension ends, there will be opportunities for families to continue to provide meals for their children until the first day of school, all thanks to organizations throughout the community.

Horry County Schools spokesperson Lisa Bourcier said food insecurities are real in Horry County, and they do have some poverty within their school communities.

Bourcier added the food program has kept children’s bellies full since the start of the pandemic. It helps children 18 and under get breakfast and lunch.

With 12 pick-up locations, she said they’ve been able to target and help a large number of the community.

The extension is important because it was scheduled to end on July 30.

“Throughout this entire pandemic situation, we’ve been able to partner with a lot of different nonprofits in our community regarding food distributions, and that’s not just for Horry County students but all members in our community,” Bourcier said. “The United Way of Horry County and the Lowcountry Food Bank just to name a few.”

Happening Monday, Horry County Schools will finalize its back-to-school reopening draft which includes plans for student meals.

In the reopening draft, there are plans for three different scenarios for student meals depending on the spread of the virus and if it’s low, medium or high.

It says for high-spread scenarios, students will solely learn from a distance.

Therefore, meals would be available to students like the summer meals program and they’d be prepared in schools available for pick-up in a grab-and-go setting.

For low and medium spread, breakfast would be served at a distance and in the classroom.

Lunch at a medium spread includes three possible options:

  1. Cafeteria services but eating in the classroom
  2. Lunch in hallways in small groups picking up meals in designated meal services areas
  3. Lunch in the classroom with meals being delivered to the classroom

Lunch at a low spread includes eating in the cafeteria dining area or classroom depending on the social distancing.

Bourcier said since the pandemic began, they’ve done all they can to help students.

“Our nutrition services department has not stopped,” she said. “They have been going full steam ahead of since school closure back on March 16th. We have still been able to provide very healthy meals, and multiple meals throughout this entire closure for our students.”

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