Florence cinema moves big screen from theater to parking lot

Florence cinema moves the big screen from the theater to the parking lot

FLORENCE, S.C. (WMBF) - Movie theaters in South Carolina still must remain closed, but one Florence theater has found a way so people can enjoy a night out at the movies again.

Julia 4 Cinemas decided to take their business to the parking lot.

“We had to do something, and so we said let’s research it,” said Julia 4 Director of Marketing Jacob Mobley.

Julia 4 Cinemas turned their parking lot into a drive-in movie theater.

Mobley said the need to get back into business wasn’t the only reason they decided to open the drive-in theater.

”We wanted to establish a sense of normalcy, especially with this time and how it’s going, everyone is being affected by it, so we decided we wanted to usher in some type of normalcy so we did some research and had the equipment and said why don’t we bring it outside,” said Mobley.

The Julie 4 Cinemas drive-in had its debut screening last Friday and it brought in around 170 vehicles.

Mobley said they’re charging $20 per vehicle, regardless of the number of passengers, which includes two movies per night every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

As far as popcorn, Mobley said the concessions stand will be open and all safety precautions are being taken.

“We have hand sanitizer before you walk in the door, we have sanitizer after you walk in the door, we clean door handles, we have contactless payment now if you don’t want to touch anything except what you buy, you can do that,” said Mobley.

Mobley said the response from the community has been great, and they’re happy they get to bring people some joy.

"People seem to be genuinely excited about it and we haven't really met a negative response to it and maybe that's because it's some sense of normalcy, we can stay in our car, stay safe, and still have fun.

The gates open at 7 p.m. beginning every Friday

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