‘It’s so awesome’: New Florence bike, run trail open to the public

Updated: Jul. 22, 2020 at 8:34 PM EDT
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FLORENCE, S.C. (WMBF) - There’s a new spot in Florence for people to bike, run and walk.

High Hill Creek Bike and Run Park opened to the public on July 12.

A few Florence mountain bikers came together last year and decided they wanted to pursue bringing a bike trail to the community.

“Just a few guys sitting around saying, ‘Hey, we need a trail,' and it grew from there. So we put together the Atomic Mountain Bike Club, a grassroots organization,” said Atomic Mountain Bikers member Geoff Akins.

Atomic Mountain Bikers of Florence began developing plans with the city of Florence who provided the land for the project.

Akins said this trail allows people to social distance while getting a good workout, without having to go very far.

“It’s so awesome, because we have it in our backyard, so we don’t have to go an hour and a half to find somewhere to ride,” said Akins.

Akins said High Hill Creek is a beginner to intermediate level trail and provides a good ride experience regardless of skill level.

“A good overall trail for everybody, and that’s our goal. To make it family-oriented so no one’s excluded. For your experienced riders to still have some challenges and fun and for the newbie out there to still learn the sport,” said Akins.

Wednesday was Atomic Member Gary Dauksch’s first ride since the park opened, and he said the trail is in great shape. He added that he’s thankful that so many people came together to make this project possible.

“A lot of people put in personal money and personal effort and it’s great to see this thing come together. It’s something that’s been needed for years and I’m glad to see it finally here,” said Dauksch.

Akin said they also have a new mountain bike team through the National Interscholastic Cycling Association for ages 12 through 18.

Florence’s team has 10 riders, and registration is currently open.

Akin said the team is using the High Hill Creek bike trail to practice and will begin competing in the fall.

The Atomic Mountain Bikers of Florence is raising funds, so they can continue to expand and maintain the trail.

You can donate by calling 843-665-8115 or by going to Atomic Mountain Bikers of Florence Facebook page.

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