Pee Dee school districts prepare to safely reopen for fall semester

Pee Dee school districts develop plans to protects students, teachers

FLORENCE, S.C. (WMBF) - In a little over a month, schools across the state are expected to reopen their doors to students.

Pee Dee school districts are trying to figure out the safest ways to get students back in the classroom while keeping the coronavirus out.

“To our parents, their child’s safety is always our number one priority,” said Florence School District 3 Chief Operations Officer Kasey Feagin.

Several Pee Dee school districts have already made changes.

Florence School District 1 and the Darlington County School District have already pushed start dates back to September 8.

Florence School District 3 has expanded their optional virtual learning program to grades K-12 and have sanitized their buildings, purchased PPE for students and faculty and put sneeze guards in all offices.

“It is a challenge and we’re just trying with the information we have at the given time to make the decisions we feel are best and that’s what we believe our superintendent, Mrs. Hickson, is doing and that information is coming in daily and it changes,” said Feagin.

Marlboro County School District Superintendent Dr. Gregory McCord said they began getting PPE back in May and already did a full deep cleaning of all facilities.

McCord said they’ve created two fall calendars. One with the projected start date of August 12 and the other with September 8. Next Tuesday, the board of trustees will vote on the proposed dates.

With the constantly changing information, McCord said they’re prepared for the possibility of having eLearning classes only.

“Whether it’s August 12th or September 8th we have prepared our staff and continue to prepare our staff on how to best give instruction on a virtual platform. How and what it might look like on how the phase-in goes for students and staff on a daily basis has a lot to do with the health reports we get from the CDC and local DHEC agencies,” said McCord.

Florence School District 1 plans to release it’s back to school plan at Thursday’s board of trustees meeting at 7 p.m.

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