Golf personality, Murrells Inlet resident opens up about ‘scary’ battle with COVID-19

Golf personality, Murrells Inlet resident opens up about ‘scary’ battle with COVID-19
Charlie Rymer spent five days in the hospital battling a severe case of the coronavirus. (Source: Tidelands Health)

MURRELLS INLET, S.C. (WMBF) – A national golf personality and Murrells Inlet resident said there were times he wondered if he would survive after he contracted the coronavirus.

Golf Channel personality Charlie Rymer, who hosts The Charlie Rymer Golf show online, said in an interview with Tidelands Health that he thought he was just coming down with a mild cold. But then things got worse.

His wife, who is a registered nurse at Tidelands Health, said he didn’t have an appetite and was only living off popsicles, watermelon and Gatorade before his oxygen levels dropped.

He was rushed on June 25 to Tidelands Waccamaw Community Hospital in Murrells Inlet where he spent the next five days.

Rymer said his symptoms were severe, such as difficulty breathing, coughing and lung spasms.

He told the hospital system that he would be in his room alone and would think about his wife and two sons and wondered if he would make it out of the hospital.

The day he left the hospital he wrote on Twitter, “Laying in the dark by yourself, trying to breathe, thinking of family, and praying is where it hits you that this thing is STRONG and this could be the end.”

He also posted on Twitter, ”It’s been scary. Very scary,” when it came to his battle with the virus.

But then he said his oxygen levels started to climb back up and that’s when he gained hope that he would survive.

Tidelands Health said that Rymer responded well to treatments, including Remdesvir, which is a drug that has shown to help severe coronavirus patients.

He was actually released a couple days sooner than expected on June 30.

Rymer still isn’t sure exactly how he was exposed to the virus.

His wife also tested positive for coronavirus but told Tidelands Health she hasn’t felt sick.

Rymer said he is still regaining his strength and tweeted on Wednesday that he was going to try to play a few holes on the golf course.

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