‘There’s no help’: Rosewood residents protest Horry County’s flood response

‘There’s no help’: Rosewood residents protest Horry County’s flood response

CONWAY, S.C. (WMBF) - People who live in the Rosewood neighborhood of Socastee protested outside the old Horry County Courthouse Monday.

They had signs and megaphones as they let their voices be heard. They want the county to buy their homes out or to elevate their homes after they’ve dealt with years of flooding.

“From 2015 on, it’s just repetitively gotten worse,” Rosewood resident Terri Straka said.

Melissa Krupa is another resident who is fed up.

“This has been going on since 2015, and it’s now 2020 and there’s no help,” Krupa said.

Horry County Councilman Cam Crawford, however, said he’s working hard to get these residents help.

“I certainly sympathize with the protesters,” Crawford said.

Crawford’s home has been flooded in the past too, so he said he knows the feeling they have.

Crawford said the county is trying, along with the state’s Disaster Recovery Office, to secure $160 million in funding from HUD so they can offer residents a buyout.

He said the money could also be used to elevate homes.

“We’re going to work very diligently to expedite that program through HUD and the DRO,” Crawford said.

Crawford added that county leaders have already asked residents to fill out an interest form to see who would like to participate. He said they got around 70 to 75 responses back.

He hopes to get the process moving sooner rather than later, but the timing is out of his control. He promises to work as hard as he can to make a buyout happen.

“I will continue doing everything I can to make sure that’s a reality in the future for people,” Crawford said.

Protesters also said they want the county to stop building homes on wetlands, but Crawford said the county doesn’t do that and never has.

He said it’s illegal to do so, therefore the county has never done it.

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