Families in deadly CresCom robbery sue bank, security company for wrongful deaths

Families in deadly CresCom robbery sue bank, security company for wrongful deaths
Donna Major, left: Katie Skeen, right

CONWAY, S.C. (WMBF) – The families of two CresCom bank employees who were shot and killed during a robbery have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the bank, the security company and the shopping center where the bank was located.

Brandon Council was found guilty and sentenced to death in October for shooting and killing Katie Skeen and Donna Major during the robbery on Aug. 21, 2017.

Brandon Council
Brandon Council (Source: Florence County Detention Center)

The lawsuit states that CresCom and its head of security were put on notice for potential robberies that day because of the solar eclipse.

The court documents show that Council went into the bank and observed his surrounding before going up to Major and told her that he wanted to cash a check. While Major was working on her computer to prepare to cash a check, that’s when Council pulled out a gun and shot her.


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“Decendent Donna stumbled backward and tried to protect herself with papers that she had in her hand, but Shooter reached over the counter and grabbed her by the arm and shot her again,” the lawsuit states.

While Major was fighting for her life, the court documents show that Council went into Skeen’s office “where he found her hiding under her desk. The Shooter held his gun to Decendent Kathryn’s head, said, ‘I’m sorry’ and shot her twice.”

Then the lawsuit states that Council went back to Major and shot her a third time.

Council took $15,000 from the bank, and also stole Skeen’s wallet and her car keys and drove off. He was later arrested a hotel in North Carolina.

The lawsuit states that during the robbery the security company did not call the phone associated with the silent arm or any other phone at CresCom Bank, but instead they called another number that was not associated with the bank.

It also shows that when authorities were called, they didn’t know where they were supposed to respond.

The lawsuit also claims that before Aug. 21, 2017, there were numerous reports of violent criminal activity where the bank was located, but no changes were made to the security measures at the bank or shopping center.

“Prior to and on August 21, 2017, the Premises were negligently maintained, inspected, secured patrolled and managed,” the lawsuit states.

Court documents also allege that the security company failed to warn, protect, guard and secure the bank and that alarm triggers and panic buttons proved to be inadequate.

The families of Skeen and Major are requesting a jury trial in the lawsuit. They are seeking damages that will be determined by a jury.

Read the full lawsuit below:

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