‘Makes all of us feel more protected’: Some Grand Strand businesses OK with mask mandates

‘Makes all of us feel more protected’: Some Grand Strand businesses OK with mask mandates

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) – As the Myrtle Beach City Council prepares to discuss a possible executive order requiring face masks in certain places, some businesses along the Grand Strand said they’re happy with the move.

North Myrtle Beach City Council passed a face mask ordinance on Tuesday and Myrtle Beach City Council will discuss an executive order on Thursday. But many businesses WMBF News spoke to said they’ve already put mask mandates in place.

“It makes all of us feel more protected,” said Desirae Wentx, an employee with Sugar Life Ice Cream and Candy Bar.

Workers at the sweet treat shop said they have been wearing face masks through the pandemic.

They said whether Myrtle Beach leader decide to enforce a mask mandate, the staff just hopes people comply with safety requests outlined by individual businesses.

“Make sure they respect every policy inside every restaurant or store they go into,” said Wentx.

Staff at Sports Clips in North Myrtle Beach said they have also been wearing face mask since they were able to reopen on May 18.

Dawn Shea said North Myrtle Beach’s new mask ordinance could help compliance go a bit smoother.

“We don’t have to have a situation where they say it’s not mandatory by the state and now we can say it is. I just think it’s safe for everybody,” Shea said.

But not every business along the Grand Strand is in support of a mask mandate.

One Myrtle Beach business owner did tell WMBF News that he is not in support of any ordinance that would force his employees or guests to wear masks.

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