House of Hope preparing to begin construction on tiny home village

House of Hope brings help to homeless in Florence

FLORENCE, S.C. (WMBF) - House of Hope is set to begin construction on a tiny home village that will provide a big future for people in need.

In the village, tiny homes, hope to provide a big future for people in need.

“Tiny homes right now are very hip, so for me for an eight, ten, or 12-year-old child to get off the bus and say, ‘I live there,‘ that’s what we’re looking for,” said House of Hope Executive Director Bryan Braddock.

Braddock said they’ve received all approvals from the Department of Health and Environmental Control and the city manager, and after nearly four years of planning, they are almost ready to break ground on the HOPE Village housing community.

In all, there will be 24 homes. The residents of the homes will be participants in the House of Hope’s life recovery program which provides job training, parenting classes, and financial classes to people who are looking to transition to permanent housing.

“We’ll have referring organizations and people who go through this program will go to our shelter where they’ll put in an application and then they’ll transition from the shelter into these homes, and it’ll be long-term, six, 12, 18 months as long as a progression is being made,” said Braddock.

Due to costs, Braddock said it wouldn’t be feasible to add a kitchen and laundry to the homes.

Someone reached out to Braddock about a similar tiny home community in Easley, so he decided to visit.

Braddock said during his visit, he found out this tiny home community was able to save costs by providing laundry and meals inside the main facility.

“Then the lightbulb went off and I said this is viable, so we went back to the city who previously said you need this and you need that, and I said well we just looked at these homes and they didn’t have those things, so what do we need to do,” said Braddock. “The city was very instrumental in getting us what’s called campus zoning.”

Campus zoning was able to cut the cost of the tiny homes by roughly $20,000.

To cover the costs of construction and furnishing, House of Hope was able to find sponsors for 21 of the 24 homes.

“A lot of times, a homeless person feels a sense of rejection in the community. They are looked down or walked around or looked over, but to see these homes provided by a community, organizations, individuals, and churches, and businesses, that gives hope and it says they want me here and they want to help me here,” said Braddock.

Braddock said they plan to begin construction in about six weeks, and they plan to have the first residents moved in around Thanksgiving.

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