170 Horry County businesses make pledge to keep Greater Grand Strand Promise

Horry County Welcome Back Committee votes to provide Greater Grand Strand Promise businesses with masks

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) - It’s only been one week since the Horry County Welcome Back Committee launched an initiative to help keep businesses and their customers safe, and since then 170 places have made the Greater Grand Strand Promise.

Masks and gloves have become the new norm at the buffet at Original Benjamin’s, and that’s all contributed to the Greater Grand Strand Promise.

“We are asking that each time they go to the buffet, that they wear a new pair of gloves, and we are providing those also,” said Original Benjamin’s Marketing Director Donna Rebello.

Original Benjamin’s reopened a week ago, and along with providing customers with mask and gloves, the restaurant has socially distanced seating and limited customer capacity. Those measures have helped them reach the requirements of the Greater Grand Strand Promise.

“We believe the promise is more important this week than it was last week because this is a tangible thing that visitors can take the promise and then live it,” said Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce President Karen Riordan. “We think it’s very important that our business community gets behind this.”

Riordan said several businesses have told the chamber they’re having more issues with customers not following the CDC guidelines than their own employees.

“It’s eroding confidence again in our community, and I think that’s one of the things that’s contributing to the negative public relations we’re getting on a national basis,” said Riordan.

Original Benjamin’s hasn’t experienced that issue.

“They have been wonderful about it,” said Rebello. “We’ve been asking people to wear their masks. They are coming in, and actually we have been hearing a lot of appreciation that we are asking the customers to do that. They’ve been very kind about it.”

The Welcome Back committee decided to purchase masks with the “I made the promise” logo for all the businesses to hand out to their employees and customers to help combat the negative attention Myrtle Beach has been getting.

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