MYR implements safety protocols for COVID-19 travel

MYR impliments new protocols for COVID-19 travel

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Much like hotels and restaurants, airports are now implementing new safety protocols to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

While experts say it is a risk to travel with cases on the rise, officials with Myrtle Beach International Airport said they’ve done their part to keep you safe and healthy.

Passengers are encouraged to wear masks and follow social distancing guidelines when waiting for tickets, bag checks and TSA checkpoints.

New plexiglass dividers, also known as sneeze guards will also separate travelers from airline workers.

MYR saw a significant drop in passengers compared to this time last year, which was expected due to the circumstances, but said they are starting to see those numbers bounce back.

“With these lower passenger numbers, we’ve actually been able to increase the amount of cleaning. Which we’re going to continue doing even as the passenger numbers rise,” said MYR spokesperson Ryan Betcher. “It’s something very important especially those frequently touched surfaces, we’re putting in multiple hand sanitation stations and encouraging passengers to wash their hands frequently.”

Betcher also said off-site facilities, such as rental car agencies, have also been practicing cleaning and sanitizing to help keep travelers safe.

While MYR does not control what safety protocols individual airlines put in place, the airport believes it has done everything possible to minimize the spread of COVID-19 for passengers traveling through their terminals. Officials also asking those traveling to do their part.

“It’s important for the passengers to be informed and know about new policies and what has changed as air travel starts to pick up,” Bechter said. “Does the airline require face masks? Ultimately it’s up to each individual how they feel they want to travel and we’ll continually look out for new initiatives to protect the public.”

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