Horry County GOP rejects candidates protest of June primary results

Horry County GOP leaders determine not enough evidence to overturn primary results

HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) - The campaigns for two candidates in Horry County are officially over after their protests over the primary results were rejected Thursday by the county’s Republican Party.

The executive committee for the Horry County GOP heard arguments from Angie Altman-Robbins, who ran against Renee Elvis for Horry County Clerk of Court, and Jeremy Halpin, who ran against incumbent Cam Crawford for Horry County Council District 6.

Some of the complaints among the two candidates included people receiving incorrect ballots and poll workers who weren’t trained properly.

“I cited inaccuracies due to machines being jammed and absentee ballots possibly not being tallied properly,” Altman-Robbins said.

“People expect a level of confidence when they vote,” Halpin said. “They [expect] to go to the correct voting location and be given the correct ballots with the correct names in the correct district.”

Numerous witnesses were called to the stand to share their experiences during the primary election and whether they supported claims, questioning the integrity of the election.

Sandy Martin, the director of Horry County Voter Registration and Elections, also took the stand, defending her team of volunteers who were criticized during the session for their efforts.

“We could not do an election without the poll workers,” Martin said. “They had a hard day. People are downing them and it just isn’t right.”

In a previous interview with WMBF News, Martin said, “Our biggest issue [during the Primary Election) was that some people got wrong ballots. In the poll workers’ defense, this was the first time they used this voting system with multiple ballot styles and it was confusing.”

In the end, the executive committee determined there wasn’t enough evidence to validate the candidates arguments.

Although the outcome wasn’t what Altman-Robbins had hoped for, she feels the protest opens the door for future primaries to go a bit smoother for other candidates.

“It sounds like we maybe shed some light on some voter irregularities and voter problems in the system, which is wonderful if something good comes out of it,” Altman-Robbins said.

The committee was also prepared to hear arguments from Karon Mitchell who ran for Horry County Council. However, she withdrew her protest before the session took place.

Carter Smith who ran for State Senate District 33 also protested his election results at the state level and we’re waiting to receive that update.

According to scvotes.org, 47,614 Horry County residents voted in the June primary.

The final election results for the Clerk of Court resulted in Elvis receiving 65.29% of the votes, for a total of 22,982 votes. Altman-Robbins received 34.71% of the votes, for a total of 12,218 votes.

For County Council District 6, Crawford received 62.35% of the votes, totaling 1,454. Halpin received 37.65% of the votes, totaling 878.

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