Florence salon reopens after long journey through the COVID-19 shutdown

Florence hair salon reopens following COVID-19

FLORENCE, S.C. (WMBF) - In early March, after 25 years working in cosmetology, Katrina Judge-Woods opened a salon of her own.

Shortly after opening, businesses were forced to shut down following the COVID-19 outbreak and put the new business in an unusual position.

Woods said she had mapped out a vision for K. Niccole Salon and Spa, but would have to put those plans on pause due to the coronavirus.

“At first I was a little taken aback, like, ‘Oh my gosh what am I going to do?' It’s not easy running a business on a good day, so you put all that you have into that business and invest in that business and look for that rate of return and finding out that was going to be on delay took us to a whole nother level,” said Woods.

Woods said she used her time off to figure out what she needed to reopen her salon.

She applied for a PPP loan, which she said kept her business afloat, and gave her the ability to buy inventory and disinfectant products.

Then on Tuesday, after a long few months, K. Niccole Salon and Spa reopened.

Following the shutdown, Woods said it is great to see they are still needed in the community.

“You know we had a momentum, we prepared for momentum and to drop that, our concern was, when are we going to get that momentum back? When were we going to get that wave back in? All of that was a concern for us. For clients to come back and be so happy to be downtown, come back in the culture, come back into the heartbeat of things. It meant a lot,” said Woods.

Woods said she is giving temperature checks, sanitizing her hands alongside each customer, and even cleaning people’s phones and car keys.

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