‘Some people got wrong ballots’: 4 candidates in Horry County protest GOP primary results

‘Some people got wrong ballots’: 4 candidates in Horry County protest primary results

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Four candidates in Horry County are now protesting the results of the GOP primary that took place on June 9.

Jeremy Halpin, who ran against incumbent Cam Crawford for Horry County County Council’s 6th district, is one of them.

“And you don’t know, and that’s all I’m saying. And if the results are the same, if Cam Crawford still beat me, so be it,” Halpin said.

Halpin thinks if it were not for the issues from last Tuesday’s primary the results would be different.

He cited a long list of issues, many stemming from changes due to the coronavirus pandemic, for why he believes the whole election is off.

“We had to condense because we had so few poll workers. And on top of that they had to train new poll workers,” Halpin said.

He added that his name wasn’t on ballots that it should have been on and he’s not the only one making the same claims.

Angie Altman-Robbins, who ran for clerk of court, said she’s protesting the election results for much of the same reasons.

“Incorrect ballots, there were problems with voting machines, there were problems with untrained and not properly trained poll workers, there were people voting in the wrong precinct, there were candidates names that were left off the ballot,” she said while reading from a list she had to create because she said she couldn’t remember all the issues.

WMBF News asked Sandy Martin, the director of Voter Registration and Elections, about these claims. However, her office said she’s been advised not to comment.

Last week Martin told WMBF News she was aware of issues at the polls.

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“Our biggest issue yesterday (Tuesday, June 9) was that some people got wrong ballots. In the poll workers’ defense, this was the first time they used this voting system with multiple ballot styles and it was confusing,” Martin said back on June 10.

Carter Smith, who ran for State Senate District 33, said his name wasn’t on ballots it should have been.

Karon Mitchell, who ran for Horry County Council, is also protesting results as well.

Halpin said he believes the election should have been pushed back because of the pandemic to provide more time for election officials to prepare.

“I would love for the vote to be thrown out, I think that’s the fair thing to do,” Halpin said.

Atman-Robbins said nothing should be off the table when it comes to rethinking the results of the primary.

“If you were running for this office and your name was not on the ballot, you know how can you even quantify that?” Atman-Robbins questioned.

The candidates protesting the results will appear for a hearing at 5:30 p.m. on June 18 at the Horry County Government and Justice Center.

The runoff for races where a majority was not reached, as in the state senate race between Sen. Luke Rankin and John Gallman will be held on June 23.

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