‘It’s still overwhelming’: Hudson talks about victory in Darlington Co. sheriff primary race

Hudson looks ahead to November after defeating current Darlington Co. sheriff

DARLINGTON COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) - Former Hartsville Police Chief James Hudson Jr. is one step closer to the Darlington County Sheriff’s Office after defeating current Sheriff Tony Chavis in the Democratic primary.

Hudson said while it feels very good to win the Democratic nomination, but the real work is only beginning as he prepares for November’s general election.

He said this was his first time running a campaign, so now he plans to sit down and assess what worked and what didn’t, and develop a plan moving forward.

“It’s still overwhelming,” said Hudson. “Everyone is calling and wishing me congratulations and it’s a very good feeling. You’re tired, but you have to keep pushing forward because the actual planning starts for the next phase, so we’ve just got to keep moving forward and continue to build our corp group with people who care about our vision and care about us.”

Hudson said he was surprised when the votes started coming in, giving him the lead over Chavis.

In recent weeks, Hudson said his campaign started to feel like they had a chance to win.

He reminded his team to remember their mission leading up to election day.

“I’d say in the latter part of last week, we started to believe we got this right here, we can win this thing. Everyone has to just stay focused. We began to tell each other everyone has to stay focused, don’t do anything outside the box. You know your emotions can take over and cause you a lot of problems, but I told everyone, ‘Stay focused, stay focused. I don’t care what nobody say or what nobody do. Stay focused and do what we are supposed to do,'" said Hudson.

Hudson said he’s extremely thankful for his supporters who helped him get this point.

He said he surrounded himself with people who care about the mission, and without them the Democratic nomination wouldn’t be possible.

“I think when people come out and support you and go out to the polls and support you, that means they believe in you, so my thing is I’m going to return that favor and I’m going to work my behind off and do everything I said I was going to do as a team. As a team, I mean together, as a community and law enforcement,” said Hudson.

Hudson will face off against Republican Michael August in the general election.

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