Ohio state troopers chase runaway SUV on wild ride

‘I’m trying and it won’t do anything’

Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers chase woman who has trouble slowing her vehicle

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Ohio (Gray News) – For a young woman named Emma, a stretch of Interstate 77 in central Ohio was a nightmare ride.

The 20-year-old called the Washington County Sheriff’s Office saying her vehicle wouldn’t slow down or stop.

The call was transferred to Ohio State Highway Patrol dispatcher Becky who deployed troopers along the route to warn traffic and try to get Emma’s vehicle stopped.

Dashcam video shows mile after mile of the SUV weaving in and out of traffic, going from one side of I-77 to the other.

“Emma, this is Becky. I need you to listen to me right now,” the dispatcher says on the video.

“I’m trying and it won’t do anything,” Emma says.

Her attempts to pump the brakes aren’t helping. It’s time for another approach.

“Take ahold of your emergency brake and just gradually pull that a little bit and see if it slows you down at all,” Becky tells the frantic driver. “Emma, does it slow you down at all?”

“Yes,” Emma responds breathlessly.

Soon, the SUV is in the median and a trooper runs to the driver’s door.

“Is the car parked?” he asks. “Ok, get out. You’re OK. Relax.”

Her wild ride is over with no injuries or damage.

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