Decision 2020: Robertson, Hardee go head-to-head in the South Carolina House District 105 race

Decision 2020: Robertson, Hardee go head-to-head in the South Carolina House District 105 race

CONWAY, S.C. (WMBF) - Steve Robertson, a recently retired newspaper owner, is challenging four-term incumbent Kevin Hardee for the South Carolina House of Representatives District 105 seat.

“I understand what it’s like to be a small business owner, and to keep your regulations down so people can make a living,” said Hardee.

Hardee runs an asbestos abatement business in Horry County. For the past eight years, he’s also been helping to run the government as a state representative.

As both a county councilman and state representative, Hardee said his focus has been on helping the individual.

“Whether it be your ditch needed to be cleaned out or your road needed to be fixed, that’s what I enjoy, constituent service," said Hardee.

If he gets re-elected, Hardee has one big goal he’d like to work on over the next two years.

“I’ve been working since Hurricane Florence on a possible diversion canal, getting the Corps of Engineers down here to do a watershed study, snag and drag on the Waccamaw," said Hardee. "We’re just looking at some ways to reduce the flooding here.”

Hardee has run unopposed in each of the last three elections, but he’s got some competition this go-around.

“I’ve always had a desire to enter the political arena and instead of looking from the outside, actually being someone making a difference,” said challenger Robertson.

Robertson spent the last 40 years on the outside looking in to politics as a journalist. He’s covered countless elections and now he’s retired so he could be a part of one.

“I’ve been trained to listen to people, to find out what their problems and concerns are, to research the facts, and then present a story that is compelling and possibly helps solve a problem," said Robertson.

He already has a few issues in mind he’d like to address if he were elected.

“I think that our infrastructure from a roads standpoint is inadequate," said Robertson. "I’d like to see us address the issue of flooding. I’d also very much like to work on legislation that would provide broadband internet to under-served areas of South Carolina.”

Robertson and Hardee will be on the Republican ballot for District 105 on the June 9 primary.

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