Decision 2020: Clemmons, Brittain face off in S.C. House District 107 race

Clemmons, Brittain face off in S.C. House District 107 race

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - For the first time in more than a decade, South Carolina State House District 107 Rep. Alan Clemmons is facing opposition for re-election.

Case Brittain, a Myrtle Beach-based attorney, is on the ballot against the nine-term veteran.

Clemmons has worked on plenty of projects during his time in the South Carolina State House, A position he’s held for nearly two decades.

“I have always had a desire to serve," said Clemmons. "Little did I think that 17 years later I’d still be there.”

In his nine terms, Clemmons said he’s put constituent service first, but he’s also enjoyed the legislative part of the job.

“During my service I’ve played a role in returning $3 billion in taxes and fees to the constituents, to the residents of South Carolina,” said Clemmons.

Clemmons has already started planning what he could accomplish in a 10th term.

“I went to my friends in the General Assembly," said Clemmons. “I went to my fellow members of the Ways and Means Committee and was able to put together a package of funding that funded 10 new police officers for Myrtle Beach. Those are the kind of issues I would continue to address and advocate on behalf of Myrtle Beach.”

Clemmons has run unopposed for more than a decade, but he’s got some competition on the campaign trail this election.

Brittain has spent his career upholding the law at the Brittain Law Firm.

Now, he wants to take a stab at writing and passing laws as a representative in the South Carolina House.

“I want a lot of transparency with the constituents," said Brittain. "If there is a problem, if there is something that they want, something they need, if they don’t feel like they’re being heard, which I don’t feel like they’re being heard very well right now, I want to make sure that I’m their voice to tell Columbia what they want.”

Brittain thinks his career experience has helped prepare him for the position.

“I think my training of being a lawyer, analyzing problems and come to a good solution that helps not just me, not just the constituents, but someone else as well, gives me the life skills to be able to go up to Columbia and build those relationships," said Brittain.

If he gets the chance to build those relationships, Brittain's already got one priority in mind.

“If there is something to invest in, it’s children," said Brittain. "I think right now, we miss $1,000 per pupil. That’s $45 million that our teachers are missing out on resources. The Horry County School Board has done a great job so far. Just imagine what they could do with $45 million.”

Clemmons and Brittain will be on the Republican ballot for District 107 on the June 9 primary.

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