Florence Tennis Center begins phased reopening following COVID-19 closure

Florence Tennis Center reopens following coronavirus closure

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - The Dr. Eddie Floyd Florence Tennis Center has begun its first phase of reopening its facilities.

Robert Hill, the director of tennis, said they allowed some use of the courts during the shutdown for limited singles play, but now they are allowing doubles action.

Hill said doubles players make up a majority of their customers.

New guidelines have been put in place to protect the players, such as only allowing four players per court to maintain social distancing.

The staff is also frequently wiping down all contact surfaces such as benches, gates, and equipment.

Hill said the Florence tennis community is close, so it’s great seeing the players come back.

“One thing with our tennis community, we see new people from time to time which is great to see,” said Hill. “But for the most part, most of the people we have come out are regulars and we see them about four times a week. It’s almost like a little family. It’s almost like seeing your family as people transition back out.”

In addition to expanding their play, they’ve also reopened the pro shop to the public, while only allowing 15 people inside the facility at a time.

Inside the pro shop, they have also implemented strict sanitation guidelines.

Laszlo Leiter is the Head Professional at the Florence Tennis Center and has been involved with the game his entire life. Leiter said they are reopening gradually to show their players they are being responsible and creating a safe atmosphere to play in.

“I urge everyone to come out as long as they are following the rules because it is safer than many other activities,” said Leiter. “You are outside and far away from your opponent or partner. I think it’s one of the sports that can be done safely even with the pandemic going on.”

Leiter said it’s nice to have people back on the courts, and he feels like it’s his responsibility to make sure the players are safe.

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