5 shot, 2 killed at large Upstate ‘block party’, officials say

Victims identified as Jabbrie Brandon, 17, of Union and Curtis Lamont Bomar, 21, of Spartanburg.
Houston police said Thursday morning they arrested the suspect in a string of deadly shootings.
Houston police said Thursday morning they arrested the suspect in a string of deadly shootings.(Source: Gray News)
Updated: May. 24, 2020 at 8:14 AM EDT
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UNION COUNTY, S.C. (WYFF)- A large block party turned violent when attendees started shooting at one another, Union County Sheriff David Taylor said. Seven people were shot and 2 of them died.

The coroner identified the victims as Jabbrie Brandon, 17, of Union, and Curtis Lamont Bomar, 21, of Spartanburg.

Deputies responded to the party at 7:40 p.m. on Dover Road because of noise complaints. 200 to 300 vehicles were parked on both sides of Highway 114 and Highway 9 in Jonesville, officials said.

At least three homes were hosting an estimated 1,000 people, officials said.

"Deputies made contact with the [DJ] of the party and had him stop the music and advised everyone that if anyone had a vehicle parked in the roadway that they needed to move it or it was going to be towed," Taylor said.

Tow trucks began removing cars around 9:15 p.m. The sheriff said officers remained in the area due to the large crowd.

Shots were fired around 10:30 p.m. and lasted on and off for several minutes, officials said.

More officers arrived on scene as shots were still being fired. Major Scott Coffer said additional help had to be called. Union City Police, Cherokee County Dispatch, South Carolina Highway Patrol, and DNR officers responded.

Deputies found a male lying on the side of the roadway with a gunshot wound.

While deputies were sweeping yards and homes for victims and shooters, they were notified about a second victim outside a home on Dover Road. They located the male with a gunshot wound to the left shoulder.

The officer gave medical supplies to people inside the home and told them how to treat him until EMS arrived, Taylor said.

Two men have been arrested. Darnell Beacham is facing charges of public disorderly conduct, while Shaquille Barber is charged with public disorderly conduct, breach of peace, and unlawful carrying of a handgun

Officers found more than one gun on scene and said more arrests could be made.

Some of the shooting victims are innocent bystanders, officials said.

Officials said they've had complaints in this area before over parties around this time of year.

When asked why deputies didn’t break up the party during the initial call, Sheriff Taylor said, “It was a private party and there was no law against it.”

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