Residents in Carolina Forest neighborhood frustrated over recent car break-ins

Residents in Carolina Forest neighborhood frustrated over recent car break ins

HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) - Neighbors in a Carolina Forest neighborhood are frustrated after they said several car break-ins have occurred over the last few weeks.

The Southgate neighborhood is where neighbors said at least three car break-ins and possibly more have taken place over the last few weeks.

One woman said her wallet was stolen out of her car last week. Another man has a security camera that caught footage of someone rummaging through his vehicle recently.

“It’s not the fact that anything was stolen because it was just little stuff that got stolen, but just the fact that someone did it,” David Fisher said.

Fisher said nothing of high value was taken from his Jeep, just items like phone chargers. Still, he feels uneasy about the situation.

Neighbors believe another car break-in happened early Tuesday morning.

Mark Mcintyre was in his garage when he heard a car alarm go off and noticed two people on bicycles riding away from the car quickly.

“I got in my truck and followed them up the street,” Mcintyre said. “And as they were going up the street, they got to the corner and dropped some stuff. And I kept following them, and they got to a house on Sandlake Court and dropped the bikes and jumped over a fence.”

Joe Biskup, president of the Southgate homeowners association, has a message for anyone in the neighborhood who wants to prevent thefts like this from happening.

“Lock your vehicles, lock your houses,” Biskup said. “There are people here that leave their garage doors open overnight. Close your garage doors. The more we can do to stop and deter it, the better we are.”

WMBF News tried to track down police reports for the instances, but Horry County police were not able to locate any. After speaking with some neighbors, it appears the reason for that is some neighbors didn’t file police reports.

Biskup said he encourages anyone in the neighborhood to file police reports for situations like this. He added the Horry County Police Department has always responded quickly to the neighborhood whenever called.

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