Myrtle Beach State Park adding new lane to improve traffic flow

Myrtle Beach State Park to add new lane to keep traffic moving

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) - Myrtle Beach State Park is adding a new entrance lane to help with the flow of traffic.

More lanes equal shorter wait times, and that’s the idea at Myrtle Beach State Park to get cars in a little bit faster.

The plan is to add a new exit lane because the existing exit lane will be made into an entrance lane.

The project will also add another booth for information, such as camping reservations and passport holders, so those visitors won’t have to wait in the same line as those coming in just for the day.

South Carolina state Rep. Alan Clemmons worked with Market Commons residents for two years and secured the $250,000 needed for the project.

The whole thing was designed to make as minimal a footprint as possible.

“There were plans about maybe exiting that way and coming back through the woods, finding another way to get back out on Highway 17," said South Carolina State Parks Director Paul McCormack. "There were lots of different options on the table, but we wanted to find the option that protected the resource as best we could.”

If everything goes according to plan with bidding the project out and making the necessary preparations, state park officials hope to pave the new lane this fall.

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