Meals on Wheels of Horry County considers moving after rent increase

Meals on Wheels of Horry County considers moving after rent increase

HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) - The director of Meals on Wheels of Horry County is considering moving locations after he said his landlord increased rent costs at their current building by $500 per month.

The non-profit is currently located on Postal Way in the Carolina Forest area.

Director Michael Tyler wants to make it clear he has no ill will toward the landlord, but he acknowledges it’s going to be a tough hurdle to get over. Since the coronavirus pandemic hit, the workload for Meals on Wheels has skyrocketed.

“Pre-corona, we were doing about 100 meals a day, five days a week,” Tyler said. “For the last nine weeks, we’ve been doing 1,500 meals a day for six days a week.”

Since they’re a non-profit, Meals on Wheels isn’t getting more money as a result of the increased workload.

“We’re not trying to charge anybody,” Tyler said. “We don’t charge our Meals on Wheels clients. Everything we do is free.”

During a time when so many have been out of work for so long, relying on donations can be tough. Tyler said nothing about this is ideal.

“Unfortunately, with the rate increase in our rent, it just seems like poor timing,” he said.

Despite the circumstances, Tyler said he isn’t mad at his landlord by any means.

“There’s no ill will,” he said. “He blessed the ministry for years by giving them a decent discount.”

Tyler is confident Meals on Wheels will be able to get over this hurdle.

“I have faith in God that he’s going to provide everything that we need in every situation,” he said. “One door closing is another one opening for bigger and better things.”

Tyler said if moving is the route they will end up taking, he would prefer to move somewhere with a bigger kitchen.

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