Murrells Inlet’s famous goats secretly make their return to Goat Island

VIDEO: Famous Murrells Inlet goats make their return to Goat Island

MURRELLS INLET, S.C. (WMBF) – The famous inhabitants of Goat Island in Murrells Inlet are back, but with a little less fanfare than in years past.

On Tuesday morning, the goats made their return to the island at the Marshwalk where they will spend the summer.

The return of the goats has become a tradition along the Marshwalk and brings crowds of people. But due to coronavirus concerns, their owners quietly put them on the island.

“It’s still exciting but it’s a little bit less nerve-wracking… but I’m glad they’re back finally. It’s been a long time coming,” said Tara Hanson, one of the goat wranglers.

Hanson said that even though they may look cute, it can be a task getting them on the boat and onto the island.

“I love it. They’re really strong, I never thought, even the little baby goat, how strong he can be. They’re really powerful,” Hanson said.

There are eight goats total on the island, seven adults and one baby.

The owners of Drunken Jack’s have put the goats out on the island for years in order to keep the underbrush down.

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