City of Conway issues executive order to help restaurants increase outdoor dining

City of Conway works with restaurants to provide more outdoor dining

CONWAY, S.C. (WMBF) – The city of Conway is working with restaurants to provide them more outdoor dining so they could serve more customers.

Gov. Henry McMaster announced that beginning on Monday, restaurants throughout South Carolina may provide outdoor customer dining services in addition to existing takeout, curbside, and delivery services.

The city of Conway issued an executive order Monday night that helps better assist restaurants who may not have outdoor dining.

The executive order permits restaurants to make minor modifications to their buildings and exterior sites in order to accommodate outdoor dining or curbside services.

It also authorizes the temporary closure of alleys and/or parking spaces or lots so that restaurants can set up tables and chairs for customers.

The owner of the Trestle Baker and Café, Gregory Smith, said the city is allowing him to section off parking spaces in order to increase outdoor seating.

“The city has been absolutely fantastic to work with, letting us use these parking spots for the lower area so we’re very, very thankful,” Smith said.

He added that he’s thankful to have another option to serve customers and bring in some more revenue.

“Sales are going to be what they are, 40, 50%, maybe some days 60% but any percent over zero is a good percent so, we’re thankful for that,” Smith said.

Smith said they started offering delivery a month and a half ago, and so far he’s been able to keep all of his employees on staff.

The executive order also allows restaurants to place signage at the business alerting the public to outdoor dining, takeout and delivery options without receiving a permit or approval from the city.

Beer and wine sales and consumption will also be allowed in the area of the outdoor dining facility for any restaurant that is already licensed to sell beer or wine.

The executive order will remain in effect until it is either rescinded by city leaders or the expiration of the state of emergency declaration, whichever comes first.

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