Suspect Search: One man accused of breaking into home, another wanted for drug possession

Suspect Search 4/23

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) - Horry County Police are looking for Lataurus Evans.

Lataurus Evans
Lataurus Evans (Source: Source:Horry County Police Dept.)

Officers responded earlier this month to a home in Nichols for a call about a burglary.

The victim said he saw the windows to the side door and the inside door of the home were broken. He said the house was clear and it appeared nothing was taken. When the victim checked the video surveillance, it showed a week earlier a car pulled into the driveway.

According to the victim, the passenger walked over to the side door and knocked on it. The victim said the suspect then walked from the side door to the front door to knock and then made his way back to the side door. The victim told police another person got out of the car and walked over to the other suspect.

The victim told authorities the video shows both suspects huddled together when one breaks the window. Both suspects then reportedly went inside and after a few seconds they are seen running out of the home, getting into the car and leaving.

According to the victim, the suspects must have triggered the alarm that was located at the other door, which caused them to run. The video also shows one suspect pulling a firearm out of his jacket and using it to break the window.

Evans is charged with first-degree burglary. He’s 34 years old with a last known address of Grace Street in Tabor City, N.C.

Horry County police are also searching for Robert Joseph Edwards.

Robert Joseph Edwards
Robert Joseph Edwards (Source: Source:Horry County Police Dept.)

Last September, police in Conway pulled over a black Ford Explorer with no headlights on.

The driver, Edwards, had an active warrant and was placed under arrest. Edwards was not able to provide valid proof of insurance for the SUV and he was not able to get a licensed driver to come pick it up, so it was towed.

Officers searched the SUV and found two small plastic baggies shoved down between the driver’s seat and the center console. Edwards admitted the substance was heroin that he purchased for $50 in Myrtle Beach.

Edwards is charged with failure to appear for possession of schedule one and schedule two narcotics. He’s 35 years old, with a last known address of Holmestown Road in Myrtle Beach.

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